Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church
Rockville, Maryland

Weekly Contributions

A parish cannot survive without the generosity of its parishioners. Stewardship can be classified in three ways the giving of time, talent, and treasure.  We are all encouraged to make a thoughtful and sacrificial contribution to our parish -- with the guideline of 10% of our income suggested:  5% to the parish and 5% to any other of your favorite charities.

Saint Elizabeth Parish accepts contributions in a variety of ways.  All registered parishioners receive envelopes and may use those to make their weekly contribution.

Other ways include an automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account, as well as automatic charges to your credit card.  If you choose these latter options, you are encouraged to sign up for the St. Elizabeth account through  Faith Direct.  Faith Direct offers us a secure way for you to send, and our parish to receive, your regular contributions -- even when vacation or business takes you out of town, or an illness prevents you from attending Mass.  Faith Direct also provides you with a personalized 'offertory card' that you can choose to place in the collection basket as a visible sign of your support.  You may visit the Faith Direct website ( for more information and may sign up there, using our parish code of MD19 if you choose, or you may call the parish office to have a Faith Direct registration form sent to you (301.881.1380).

And yet another option you may wish to choose is by making a donation of stock to the parish.  Click here for an information sheet on making a donation in this way.

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