Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church
Rockville, Maryland

Welcome to St. Elizabeth Parish

St. Elizabeth Parish is a Catholic community in Rockville MD. Since its foundation, the parish has served the people of Rockville by providing faithful liturgical services, an outstanding parish school, and a strong sense of social service and outreach. In addition, it has always sought to cooperate with the local area churches, synagogues and charities.

St. Elizabeth parish was founded in 1964, during the Second Vatican Council. The first Mass in the newly built church was celebrated on Sunday, November 6, 1966. In 1995, the current space was renovated to include more light and openness in the sanctuary and the large gathering space (the Commons) at the entrance was added.

The founding pastor, Fr. Frederick Bloom, led the parish until early in 1992 when he retired and moved to Frederick. He died in September of 2000. The second pastor, Msgr. John Macfarlane, came to St. Elizabeth's in March of 1992 and led the parish through a period of renewal. The population of 810 families in 1992 grew to 1600 families during his tenure, with many young families returning to the area and to the parish. Msgr. Macfarlane retired in July 2016 and the third and current pastor, Msgr. J. Wilfrid Parent, arrived on July 6, 2016.


The story seen in the stained glass windows.

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