Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church
Rockville, Maryland

Weather Closures at St. Elizabeth Parish

If Montgomery County closes/cancels activities, all activities at the parish and school are cancelled also. Mass, however, still occurs for anyone who is able to be here -- we do not expect anyone, even if you are a liturgical minister, to be at Mass if the road conditions are unsafe! If you have a contact person to call for the activity for which you have questions, please do call them if you're unsure; the important thing is that you stay safe. (Please note that if our power goes out, our phones do not work, so if you call here the phone will just sound like it's ringing but does not go to an answering service and we cannot pick it up.) If we have access to the internet, regular updates will be posted here.

The following updates are posted as needed to advise on any cancellations or updates related to parish activities.  

Please note that for St. Elizabeth School classes and St. Elizabeth Parish Christian Formation classes, cancellations are usually based on what Montgomery County calls; however, if we have specific information about a particular activity, it is listed below.  If you're unsure about any other activity not listed below, please call the contact person listed in the bulletin or here on the website for that event/activity.

Post Date Event Update


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